to the report

1350 kilometres

22.800 ascent total

192 h Total time (8 days)

109 h Time in motion

speed: Average in motion12,35 km/h
Average absolut  6,96 km/h

temperatures: min. -6°C;  max. ca. 15°C (except the last day: 30°)

1 night in the saddle (1. night, 126km/ 3500m)

7x overnight stay in bivi & tent

Food: at least 36 Omelettes (for two), 8 Tajine, 1 roasted chicken,
6 cans of sardines, 40 x bread, 2 avocado-smoothie, 12 orange-juice,
countless sweet snacks, countless mint teas, water about 40 litres,
Tactical Foodback: 6 (with cold water),
Trail butter sachets: 10, mix of nuts: ca. 500g,

Technical faults: 0

Health problems: 0 (except cough)

– Cycling in the dark: approx. 7-8 hours per day.
in daylight: approx. 11 hours

Were there any difficult moments during the race?

The cold of the morning. We wore everything we had.
Mental low point on the penultimate day: long passage on the sand, sandstorm, rain and wind gusts of 100 km/h, fall due to wind gusts, mud with blocked wheels.

Is it difficult to ride as a team?

It has advantages and disadvantages.
In a team, one always progresses more slowly than on one’s own.
One can only share equipment to a very limited extent.
Problems and crises (e.g. sleep attacks) do not usually occur at the same time.
But we are well co-ordinated and have a good division of labour.
We think we are a good team.
After these events we continue to love each other, which cannot be said of all teams.