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In July, I would like to embark on another adventurous bike journey. This time, it will cover 2400 km with 26,000 meters of elevation through England and Scotland in the Pan Celtic Ultra.

Here you can follow the race live from 6 July 20:00

As in 2020 and 2021 (Northcape4000), I intend to dedicate my journey to a good cause. Every cent raised will go directly to „Südtirol hilft“ an organization that supports families in need in our region. The motivation to speed through England with my passion (road bike) will undoubtedly be high…

Here’s my idea:

You can choose from 5 different packages:

  • Pan Celtic Ultra Bronze:
    1 cent per kilometer goes directly to „Südtirol hilft.“ This equals 24€.
  • Pan Celtic Ultra Silver:
    2 cents per kilometer, which is 48€.
  • Pan Celtic Ultra Gold:
    5 cents per kilometer, equivalent to 120€.
  • Pan Celtic Ultra Titanium: 240€.
  • Pan Celtic Ultra – Premium:
    Want to donate more? Choose a custom amount!

What will you receive in return?

  • Above all, a lot of gratitude from the families in need in South Tyrol (I want to emphasize that the entire amount will be donated to „Südtirol hilft“).
  • A donation confirmation from „Südtirol hilft“ for the 2025 tax return.
  • If desired, you will be included in my „Thank You“ list.

Interested? Fantastic!
Contact me for more information: gabi_winck[at] and let me know your choice. Also, let me know how you would like to be included in the acknowledgment list, with your name or anonymously, with or without indicating the amount. Companies can send me their logos.