Postscript from the ‚Racing Grandma‘ – that’s what Bastian from Lakes ‚N‘ Knödel called me recently … thus adding a title of honour, so to speak … to my Dotwatcher Award „Lanterne Rouge“ at the GBDuro23 – I’m very proud of it.

It was like this: The final preparations for GranGuanche Gravel were completed. In our GGG WhatsApp group, some posted their bikes, all of them gravel bikes.

I proudly presented my Trek Procalibre 9.8 fully loaded with Tailfin. Almost immediately, someone commented: „Looks like me when I come away from Mercadona“, with a bike like that, the person would only ride to the supermarket round the corner for bulk shopping … 😮 And as the digital ridicule continued, I immediately deleted my bike picture …

Bastian (from Lakes ‚N‘ Knödel) -I would like to underline that he is NOT one of the smilers- recently told me that these guys were always looking at the tracking platform „where the racing granny“ was … I’ve just ‚dotwached‘ how the „ridiculers“ fared in the race: The one with the most derogatory remarks didn’t finish at all and others only 1-2 days later … Incidentally, according to Bastian, there were also some people who „admired“ the racing granny. 😂

I was one of the few with an MTB, I think there were only three of us in total, but I was in the top 20 out of 100 on the first three days … On the fourth day, I didn’t want to ride at night because I wanted to see El Hierro and its natural beauty during the day, so I dropped back a bit in the field and ended up 35th out of 60 finishers. I was very proud – and I must have been pedalling with the coronavirus for four and a half days … for me, these crazy things are not about placings, but about arriving BEFORE the finisher party … my main goal is to take lots of photos and videos for my posts …

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If you are looking for a similar event … Lakes ‚N‘ Knödel by Bastian, you know him from the GranGuanche Gravel 23!!!