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The report and video are online … GBDuro done, but the return trip turns out to be a horror trip. First of all: Please keep your hands off SENDBIKE!!!!!

This is how it started:

The idea was to take the train south and send the bikes to Land’s End by Sendbike. Was a nice train journey. Very convenient with various trains and the Caledonian Sleeper.

The breakdowns started before that: the packing boxes didn’t arrive on time at John O’Groats. Delay. Then the bikes were not picked up on the 26th as agreed, but a few days later and then remained missing for a few days. We’ve been stuck in Land’s End for a week. Expenses upon expenses, overpriced hotel accommodation, now camping. Actually a nice place, but we are not equipped for this unexpected stay. The sender Sendbike cannot be reached for meaningful information. Bright spot since yesterday. The bikes should be here on September 1st. pleasure only briefly. A bike box was stopped in Scotland. Why? No idea…

The problems don’t stop, I’m running out of a medication that I have to take every day. I wrote that to Sendbike and they – pure incompetence – write, they send bikes, medicines on a banned list. Don’t they read correctly?

H. Has important appointments in the office…

As a teacher, I should have been there long ago. Risk of termination?

The expenses grow into infinity, the missed ferry is the least of the problems.

Is this week vacation? no way. I’m on the internet all day trying to get information. Internet and ATM are now exhausted.

The madness can still be topped… The wheels are now on their way again… BACK TO JOHN O‘ GRAATS 😞 DHL has found dangerous goods: batteries, garmin edge, wheel lights. Who can guess that the bikes will be shipped by plane.

At first there is a way out: Katy could pick up the bikes from the depot in Aberdeen, but Sendbike is unable or not interested in helping customers, it comes as it must, the information is BIKE BOXES ARE ON THE WAY TO THE SENDER, we open the way through Germany … perplexity. Do I have to go back up to JOG now?
Only a very nice lady, Ms. Sukhi, from Customer Service at DHL UK promises to help. Now the boxes are to be diverted to Katy and Rory in Largs. The poor thing has to see how she gets to Vienna with it… Knock on wood, it works now…

HORROR TRIP END is not yet in sight!

We are back home, the bikes in JOG …

End of story:
Katy takes the train to Aberdeen, takes a rental car, drives up to JOG, rummages through the bike boxes for the „dangerous goods“ (pleasant to look for in the dirty laundry …). Now drives to Edinburgh and from there with 40kg bike luggage flight to Vienna … I will now pick her up there by car.

Thank you Katy, if it wasn’t for you, our bikes would probably still be in JOG …